Feel the Fear (and do it anyway) 


 "Trust me when I tell you that fear doesn't have to hold you back. You, too, can learn how to push through your fears... ALL of your fears... with a sense of power, excitement, and love."  Susan Jeffers  

 Do You Want To...  

Think more positive and reduce negativity 
How to feel more in control of your life 
Learn to say ‘No’ to others 
Become more assertive in all areas of your life 
Learn how to change your reactions to situations 
Reduce feelings of overwhelm and anxiety 
Create a positive support system around you 
Find gratitude and abundance 
Balance all areas of your life 
Improve sleep and improve physical well-being 

 Our Workshops 

Our Feel the Fear workshops are inspirational and fun (combined with some work on your part!). What is it you currently fear? Speaking in public, driving to new places, asserting yourself, making decisions, starting a relationship, ending a relationship, becoming ill, starting college/university, returning to study, changing jobs, becoming unemployed, introducing yourself to a stranger, being alone, flying..? All of the above? 

Maybe you have some of your own to add. If you knew you could handle everything that came your way, what would you possibly have to fear? Absolutely Nothing! 
Pam’s Feel the Fear… And Do It Anyway workshops will help with these things and many more. Pam is a living example of using the Feel the Fear tools, they inform how she lives. She shares many examples of this during the workshops and encourages you to do the same.  To live life the Feel the Fear and do it anyway way! 
Pam had cancer, Pam was scared, Pam used the mantra, Feel The Fear and do it anyway to get through even the darkest days. Pam is now fighting fit and ready to share this wonderful system to help get you to live your fullest life. 
Pam is currently training for Strictly Learn to Dance for Dove House Hospice, this will involve her dancing in a bikini in front of up to 2000 people. This is definitely a Feel the Fear moment! Having had body confidence issues since her boobs grew at the age of 12, and being convinced that she has a backside the size of Ireland, this is Pam doing what she does best…  Living the Feel the Fear way!! 


Our workshops will run in Hull & East Yorkshire, once every 2 months from April 2018. The workshops are a full day, usually 10am to 4.30pm and include lunch, refreshments and a copy of the Feel the Fear book. You will also receive a workbook along with many more tools on how to stop fear stopping you living a full life. 

 Our Next Workshop will be..  

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"I attended I feel the fear course run by Pam and it was a great day that has stayed with me over the years. As a small group of about 10 women, we were all total strangers when we met but Pam developed a trust and bond between us on that day, and we have since met up on several occasions following the course. 
Pam was an inspiration. Warm friendly but professional. She conducted the course with slides, workshop type tasks, questionnaires and provided great notes to take away. But we took away much more than that, we  started to make changes in our lives. We started to ‘feel the fear and  do it anyway’! I know Pam has a lot to offer many people and I highly recommend the workshop. 
"I would recommend Pam’s Feel the Fear workshops to anyone who feels in a rut, suffers from anxiety or like I was, in a very dark place. 
I was feeling very nervous on the way there even though my sister was with me, but as soon as we stepped in the door the lovely Pam made us feel so at ease. She is a great lady and made the day fun and is so easy going, but at the same time giving us the tools to face our fears. 
From being so frightened of my own shadow, not interested in anything, and always having an excuse not to do things I have now got my mojo back. 
To the amazement of family and friends, at the age of 71 having never been on a plane in my life I went to Hong Kong to visit my son and his wife and lovely new Grand-daughter, and had a fantastic time. 
Now I am in a great place, feeling happy and confident with my life. All thanks to Feel the Fear, so go do it, with thanks and big hugs to Pam."