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Feel the Fear Events Sep – Dec 2015

Feel the Fear Logo

Future Feel the Fear Events, hosted by Dr Pam Medhurst.  Licenced Feel the Fear Trainer.  All events to be held in Hull.  

Saturday September 5th 10 – 12.30pm  Feel the Fear & Beyond, What is working for you & resolving issues, further support, new ways of working with the existing tools.  £25  This is suitable for people who have already done the Feel the Fear workshop either with me or with other trainers.

Book & pay before 10th August and only pay £20.


Saturday October 17th 10 – 4pm Feel the Fear Workshop  This is the original workshop and gives a great overview of working with Feel the Fear.  Inspirational workshop. Suitable for all.  £75.  Pay Deposit to reserve space £30.


Saturday November 21st 09.30 – 16.30 Living Fearlessly: Advanced strategies. New ways of working with Feel the Fear, drilling down into the real ‘reasons’ we prevent ourselves from living our fullest lives and growing our lives not only for ourselves but also for our loved ones.  This is also working with techniques from Feel the Fear Guide to Lasting Love.  Includes personal follow-up.  £125

Early Bird booking price, before the end of September £99.


Ongoing – FarBeyond Feel the Fear: 1-2-1. 6 months 121 working with me on really growing and changing your life.  Wherever you are now, you cannot grow unless you are willing to change!  Commit to making the change now.  £500.  121 each month in person on via skype, and a weekly catch up call to keep you focussed!  In six months you’ll wish you started today :)

Email me on info@pammedhurst.co.uk to get more details or to book your exclusive 121 Far Beyond Feel the Fear.

Or if you see me in classes and want to book/pay then, let me know :)


www.pammedhurst.co.uk          info@pammedhurst.co.uk   



3 shining starsTotally blown away by the amazing Katie Piper.  Came home after the Women of Achievement Awards and read the whole of her book, Beautiful Ever After, and continue to feel uplifted and in awe of her positivity.  If she can stay positive through all she has been through then what are a few aches and pains, or niggly complaints, or self-doubts.  Nothing, that’s what they are.  I keep the book and her 365 Affirmations by my bed and they will be read and re-read regularly.  I certainly recommend them.

Your Beautiful Birth, Natural Birthing Workshops for Women

Your_Beautiful_Birth (2)


Heather Barnes (MIFPA, Dip HE, PG Cert) and Pam Medhurst (PhD) are offering regular
Your Beautiful Birth Workshops for pregnant women, focused on giving birth naturally and joyfully.  Barriers to this may have come about through past experiences, popular media, or negative birth stories from others.  Pam is a yoga instructor specialising in pregnancy yoga, as well as running fully accredited Feel The Fear Workshops.  Heather is a holistic aromatherapist, antenatal teacher and doula.  Together they offer a fun, relaxing, informative and inspiring day, which will enable women to come together to support each other, learn new skills and techniques to birthing naturally and face any fears they may have around their upcoming birth.

The aim is to support women to have a positive, empowered and affirming experience, which in turn offers many long and short term health benefits:

  • Speedier physical recovery from the birth
  • More positive postnatal emotional health
  • Longer and more positive breastfeeding experience
  • All the health benefits associated with breastfeeding for both mother and baby
  • Signposting to other services if necessary
  • Sense of achievement associated with natural birth
  • A support network of other families at the same stage of life


Full day workshops (10 am to 4pm), which lunch included £75.

Dates throughout 2015, in venues around Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire

Please contact Heather or Pam for further details and to book your place

heather@hmbnaturalhealth.co.uk  Tel 07980 310454

info@pammedhurst.co.uk Tel: 07966 091513

Saturday 18th May 2015.  Contact us now to book your space or for more Information.

Summer Holidays

DIGITAL CAMERASummer holidays are nearly here, so here are class times and breaks over the summer period.

Monday  - All at The Yoga Therapy Lounge
Mum & Baby Last class 7 July back 1 Sep
Very Gentle Yoga Last class 7 July back 1 Sep
YogaBellies Pregnancy Yoga – runs through summer except 14th July and 25th Aug.

Hatha Yoga Last class 8 July (YTL)
YogaBellies Pregnancy Yoga – runs through summer except 15th July and 26th August (New venue for summer holidays Studio 1 Photography, Old Beck Road, HU17 0JW

Hatha – runs through summer except 17 July and 28 August, at the Endsleigh Centre.

Hope to see you sometime, bookings required for all classes as very busy.  Email or ring/text info @ pammedhurst or 07966 091513

Have a great summer, oh and do some yoga!! :)

Pam x


Coming home… to Yoga Nidra

Pam in Mexico

Pam in Mexico

I went away at the weekend, only to Cambridgeshire and only for one night, but coming home on the Saturday night I physically relaxed when I saw Hull on the signpost, the same feeling again when I turned into our street.  I do love coming home, home to people and a place I love, that supports and nourishes me.

I’d been attending the first session of a British Wheel of Yoga course on Yoga for People Living with Cancer.  It is run by the amazing Julie Friedeberger who literally wrote the book on Yoga for Cancer,  see The Healing Power of Yoga and A Visible Wound.  Julie is now in her 80th year but teaches with such compassion it is an honour to be studying with her.

A large part of the course is Yoga Nidra, also known as Yogic Sleep.  It is a ‘healing practice that combines deep relaxation with awareness and visualisation’ (JF). ‘Yoga Nidra refreshes and renews energy, teaches us to let go in every way, and encourages healing on a deep level’ (JF).

I adore Yoga Nidra, it is what hooked me into yoga 20+ years ago. In my first term we were given this gift and I loved it so much I got a recording of the teaching (on a tape…) and practised daily.  It is part of what I credit with restoring my soul after post natal depression. And now so we can teach it from our own experience I have to practice Yoga Nidra daily, what a gift.  But like anything that needs adding daily into our lives it is a case of working out how to fit in an extra 30/45 minutes to a busy schedule.  This is one new habit I intend to keep up.

Yoga Nidra, I’ve come home.