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Saying bye to a good friend…



Last week we said goodbye to Karla.  She had been a member of this family for just over 5 years having rescued her from Jerry Green Centre in Gilberdyke.  As a rescue dog she had her issues but when we found out that she had no normal lung tissue left and was starting to struggle to breath then we had no other choice than to put her to sleep.

She was about 6 years old when she joined our family, and we are so lucky that we found her.  She gave us so much love and enjoyment over the last few years.  Without her now the house is very quiet and very empty.  There is no face to greet you at the window as you walk up to the front door, there is no bark when the post arrives or random people walk past in the street. There is no one to protect me from the dangers of the window cleaner or my visitors when they knock at the door!  She still regularly barked at Luke (son) & Allan (husband) when they came into the house, just to let me know they had come in.  She had a good bark on her but would never do more than bark.   She was still a bit of a wimp when we were out and about, putting on a defensive show to ensure she got the first bark in so that others would back off.  Off the lead she would be at the other end of the field rather than have a confrontation anytime.  With the whippet in her she could still outrun most other dogs she encountered.  And even up til last week went for a run as soon as she was let off the lead.

The house may be cleaner and I do not missing hoovering every day (she was the hairiest dog we have ever had!) but I am missing her more than I let on.  I will soon be heavier as I am not routinely walking at least 2 miles daily, but somehow it doesn’t feel right to walk without a lead and some poo bags in my pocket!

There are other dogs that need rescuing, and one will be coming to join our family at some point in the future (and yes I’ve already had a little look online) but it is too soon for now.  For now we have said our goodbyes, we will plant a tree in her memory to go in the garden alongside the one we have for her predecessor Pippa, and we will still say ‘Who is it?’ to the empty space at the end of the sofa when the doorbell goes, or look for her to greet us when we get home and miss her each time her little face does not pop up.

Thank you Karla for being a big part of our family life, we miss you and will not forget you.  xx