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Summer Yoga & Special Offer

I am teaching all through the summer so my classes will run as follows:

Monday  YogaBellies Pregnancy Hull  7.45 – 9pm (No class August BH Monday)

Tuesday Yoga for Cancer Hull 10.45 – 12.15

Tuesday YogaBellies Pregnancy Beverley 6.30 – 7.45

Tuesday Restorative Yoga Beverley 8pm-9.15

Wednesday Hatha Hull 7pm-8.30.

The Restorative and the Hatha classes are both running as drop in through the summer, but do contact me on to book.  Special offer for Restorative and Hatha classes, bring a new customer and both of you just pay £5, so just a tenner for you both.  Usual price £8 per session.


So who comes to YogaBellies?

we love yogabelliesI was asked the other day, ‘so who comes to YogaBellies Pregnancy classes?’  They were wondering if it was for them.  So I thought about it and here is my answer.

Pregnant women (obviously… though I do sometimes get asked if Dads can come along! ) but first time mums, second time mums, third time mums & fourth time mums, but mostly first time mums.  Older mums and younger mums, so far the youngest was 18 and the oldest 43. Most are single pregnancies but have first mum pregnant with twins in the Beverley class at the moment.  All pregnant women welcome :)

They come from a large geographical area, from Hornsea, Withernsea, Thorngumbald, Hedon, Sutton, Market Weighton, Little Weighton, Driffield, Hull, Beverley, South Cave, Brough… and quite a few others.  There are straight women and gay women and single women, there are fit mums and less fit mums, there are those who are finding pregnancy a doddle – physically and mentally and those who are struggling with it too.  There are mums who want a home birth and those who want a hospital birth, there are those who’d love a midwife-led centre to give birth in but who have to make a choice as that is not available here currently.

They come from a huge variety of professions, hairdressers, teachers, shop assistants, photographers, accountants, homemakers, lawyers, estate agents, childcare workers, social workers, designers, project managers, vets, nurses, therapists and many many more.

So if you come you will most likely find someone that you have something in common with, though pregnancy is an amazing common bond.

Some have done yoga, many haven’t ever thought of doing it before…

They go on to have their babies and usually let me know the outcome, how the birth was, what the baby is called, how much baby weighed (all the others in class are interested in this one!)  I have just had a text from Sarah from the Hull Class who wins the prize for the largest YogaBellies baby so far at 10lb1oz!  Smallest tiny baby from Donna with the amazing Joseph who arrived early and weighed in at just 3lb14oz but who is now a strapping young man of 9 months old!

I just love getting baby news texts and emails, it is so lovely to be a little part of that amazing journey.

And that’s who comes to YogaBellies…